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Probate Estate Administration

The administration of decedents’ estates is a legal process overseen by the local Probate Court which ensures any debts, funeral expenses, expenses of administering the estate and taxes are paid before approving the distribution of the remaining assets of the estate.   

If the deceased person left a will, the division of property in their name alone will be carried out according to the instructions in the will. If the decedent did not leave a will, that property will be divided according to Connecticut’s laws of intestacy.  

Even if someone dies and all of their property passes “outside” of the Probate Court system, the State of Connecticut still requires that a tax return needs to be filed.   If the taxable estate value is below $2,000,000, no taxes are due, but an informational return still must be filed to prove the value is below the tax threshold.  Probate Estate Administration can be a complicated process, and our firm can help you handle each step of the way with compassion and expertise.


User Guide - Administration of Decedents' Estates (pdf)